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Imagine Peace Tower

For more photos of the Peace Tower and yesterday’s celebration, search the hashtag #imaginepeacetower, follow @visitreykjavik, and check out the Friðarsúlan í Viðey (Imagine Peace Tower) and Viðey location pages.

The Imagine Peace Tower on Viðey Island in Kollafjörður Bay, Iceland, is a memorial to John Lennon from his widow, Yoko Ono. A tall “tower of light” is projected from the tower’s white stone monument that has the words “Imagine Peace” carved into it in 24 languages. On a clear night, the light can reach altitudes of at least 4000 meters. The power for the lights is provided by Iceland’s geo-thermal energy grid.

Yesterday, October 9, was John Lennon’s 72nd birthday. To celebrate, Yoko Ono handed out five LennonOno Grants in Reykjavik, then lit the Peace Tower. You can watch a live webcam of the tower here.


John Lennon & Yoko Ono, London, 1969 | photographed by Linda McCartney




I see the moon, the moon sees me. 

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The glasses John Lennon wore when he got shot, 31 years ago.

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Felix Baumgartner’s Historic Jump

Want to see more photos of the jump? Take a look at the Red Bull Stratos Mission Control location page, the @redbullstratos, @redbull, @joergmitter, and @limeximages accounts, as well as the hashtags #felixbaumgartner and #stratos

Earlier today, Felix Baumgartner took a stratospheric balloon flight to 127,000 feet (37,000 meters) and then, he jumped. The freefall jump was an attempt to become the first man to break the speed of sound (690 miles or 1,110 kilometers per hour). It lasted 4 minutes and 22 seconds and according to indicators provided by the @redbullstratos team, Baumgartner surpassed Mach 1. His jump came exactly 65 years to the day after Chuck Yeager became the first man to break the sound barrier in an airplane.


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"Guess which corporation is the worst in the world, and how you and @Roots_Action can frustrate its horrible plans."

- http://bit.ly/QFGbuf

(Source: act.rootsaction.org)


Jökulsárlón: Iceland’s Glacier Lagoon

Want to see more photos of the lagoon? Be sure to visit the #Jokulsarlon hashtag page, as well as Jökulsárlón’s location page.

Jökulsárlón, located in southeastern Iceland, is a 60 year old lagoon filled with giant drifting icebergs. More than 100 meters (300 feet) of ice breaks away from the tongue of the outlet glacier Breiðamerkurjökull, floats slowly towards the mouth of the lagoon, and eventually joins the Atlantic Ocean.

The ice lagoon is home to some spectacular views of Europe’s largest ice cap and is one of Iceland’s most visited places. Commercial boat tours began running daily starting just after the Jökulsárlón’s feature film debut in the 1985 James Bond movie A View To Kill.

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Validation. You know, I was worried. (Taken with Instagram)

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